Who We Are?

The Reason We Exist

Our small family owned, and operated initiative is here to inspire readers of all kinds to read, learn and grow.  Sadly over 45 million American adults suffer from being functionally illiterate and unable to read above a fifth-grade level. Every time a subscription box is delivered to you, a book is provided to an at-risk child for illiteracy from us, personally on your behalf. The presence of books in a home has a significantly greater influence on a child’s level of education, even more so than parent’s income, nationality, or level of education.

But why does this matter to us so much? Ken, struggled learning to read throughout childhood and adolescence. He didn't know any better at the time but did observe that his peers also struggled with reading. Not until he got to college did, he learn how far behind he was and thankfully was inspired to read and most importantly learned how to read at the proper level. Now it’s his favorite pastime, it’s our family’s favorite pastime and we’re hoping that it becomes an enjoyable and adequate skill for children around the nation.